Group Mentors

Group Mentors

Beginning in the 6th grade, YouthPower365’s PwrON Career and College programming helps students to achieve their highest potential through a professionally-supported group mentoring program. In this setting, students develop relationships of trust and respect with volunteer adult mentors, as well as with their peers, while being encouraged to set and achieve academic and career goals.



Group mentoring is an avenue to support, guide and empower a small group of students during a critical time in their lives. YouthPower365’s inaugural year of group mentoring will pave the way for one-on-one mentors to be introduced as students progress to high school. In conjunction with mentoring, students and their parents will also receive college and career support through YouthPower365 programming. Two Mentors will be assigned per group of 10-15 students for monthly meetings throughout the 2017-2018 school year. Mentors will be provided with curriculum, materials, and guidance from YouthPower365.



Starting out, students will learn about the resources and opportunities that our organization and larger community can provide.  We also teach students the value of mentoring and the advantage of building sound relationships with adults and peers—and how this can help them on their life journey.

Short-Term Benefits


  • Are able assess their own strengths, along with areas that need improvement.
  • Learn to identify and access a broader range of academic and career options
  • Gain valuable opportunities for increased cross-cultural awareness as they develop relationships with both adults and other youth
  • Are encouraged to make positive, healthy life choices and avoid negative and destructive behaviors
  • Will be provided with many opportunities to enhance skills in the following areas: problem-solving, goal setting, self-advocacy, and life planning; this is accomplished through group mentoring sessions, educational workshops, as well as field trips and other activities, which are all provided by YouthPower365.

Long-Term Benefits


  • Will be more likely to successfully complete high school and to attend and complete college.
  • Are provided with experiences to broaden their social, intellectual, and cultural horizons.
  • Will develop a plan for advanced education and/or post-secondary employment.



Once a month during the school year, each gender-specific group of 8 to 10 students will meet every week with their mentors for one PwrHrs session after school. Groups will be facilitated by two mentors and a YouthPower365 staff member. Mentors will facilitate the YouthPower365 curriculum, which consist of interesting and fun activities. This curriculum, made up of interactive exercises and warmers, has been selected for the purpose of helping students to build skills and confidence, while guiding and inspiring them to explore a variety of careers and higher education.

Because the transition into high school is so challenging, starting with the 9th grade, a cohort of students who have successfully participated in the middle school program could be selected to join the community based 1:1 mentoring effort. This 1:1 mentoring program furnishes students with positive adult mentors–role models who provide long term guidance that will help students to achieve their goals.


September 23 – Initial Mentor Training (mandatory for all mentors)

  • Berry Creek Middle School: First Tuesday of every month (January will be held on 1/9)
  • Eagle Valley Middle School: First Monday of every month (January will be held on 1/8)
  • Gypsum Creek Middle School: First Wednesday of every month (January will be held on 1/10)
  • Homestake Peak School: First Thursday of every month (January will be held on 1/11)


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