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The same afterschool program your child loves transformed into a summer camp for three weeks in July! Students will participate in academics focused around project-based learning as well as fun and engaging enrichment activities.



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Dates: July 6 – 24, 2020 | Monday – Friday | 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM



For the 10th consecutive year, YouthPower365 is excited to offer PwrHrs Summer Camp to your school and child. What began in 2011 as an opportunity for 120 students to receive academic support during the summer months has now expanded in both content and size; over 750 participants will be invited to partake in a full day of academic and enrichment opportunities across six sites. In order to continue to expand to meet the broad needs of our community, we are restructuring the fees associated with YouthPower365 programs. Our generous supporters and donors will continue to heavily subsidize the true cost of our offerings, and we promise to always continue to work with families to ensure that programs are accessible to all children.

As you complete an application, via our online platform, the fee will be based on the information you provide. We will ask you to provide your family pre-tax (or gross) annual income. You will not be required to upload any pay, tax or income documentation. If the fee that is set does not work for your family, we are happy to discuss options with you. Our goal is to provide all of our programs at an affordable cost to each individual family.


No, all information is self-reported.

We will work with each family individually so their children can participate in our programming.

Yes, we have a secure online platform. We will not report your personally identifiable information to anyone outside of YouthPower365.

You can calculate your family’s annual income by multiplying the pre-tax income from your most recent paycheck by the number of pay checks you expect to receive in the year 2019. Do that for each income earner in the family. More info on how to report your household income can be found here.

Family or household size is the total number of income earners living in one household and their dependents in your immediate family. More info on household size can be found here.

Our goal is to provide all of our programs at an affordable cost to each individual family. Program fees vary year to year in youth serving organizations. Most of our families won’t see much of a change. Our program fees are very competitive compared to other summer camp offerings. We promise to always continue to work with families to ensure that programs are accessible to all children.

We are calculating each family fee on a sliding scale based on their household income. Every family enrolling children will pay a $50 deposit per child to ensure your child has a spot in PwrHrs Summer Camp. PwrHrs will be in touch within 7 days of registration with the total cost after the application has been made.

YouthPower365 provides high quality, enriching programs for over 4,000 students every year. We are rapidly expanding our offerings to include more children than ever before. To continue this expansion, we believe that a sliding scale of fees will be crucial to running a sustainable organization.

PwrHrs Summer Camp includes breakfast, lunch and snack each day. Transportation is provided at some school sites. Reach out to your school’s coordinator for availability.

Please contact the program coordinators. You can find the contact info on your Civicore profile, in the Manage Programs section of the participant information once you log-in.

Yes. PwrHrs Summer Camps builds each week. In order to the students to get the most our of this program, we will need them to attend the full three weeks.


June Creek Elementary
Homestake Peak School
Berry Creek Middle
Gypsum Creek Middle
Gypsum Elementary
Eagle Valley Elementary
Red Canyon High School

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