You’ve been selected as a presenter for the first-ever PwrHrs Rural Afterschool Conference, November 13-15 at the Park Hyatt, in Beaver Creek, Colorado! Your expertise, content, and experience will make this event a quality, engaging learning community for all participants. Thank you in advance for all your hard work and support. 

We appreciated the detailed information that you submitted for the Call for Presenters, and for spending time visiting with us about your ideas and background. Now, we need your help to create our conference program book. Please complete the following questions for your presentation by June 3, 2019.
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PwrHrs Rural Afterschool Conference Speakers

  • Name
  • Co-Presenter Name
  • Your Organization
  • Presentation Summary: 3-4 sentences to invite and excite guests to attend your session. Include an overall summary with enticing details (no more than 120 words)
  • Testimonial: Please let us know why you believe the PwrHrs Rural Afterschool Conference and it's focus is important to you.
  • Room Layout: please select a room style that would work best for your presentation.
  • Audio/Visual Presentation Needs: please check all that apply.
  • Is there any other information we should know about your presentation?

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