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Our mission is to empower young women mentally, emotionally and physically to promote school and community engagement ensuring each girl reaches her full potential.

For 2020, the girls will have fall outdoor adventure experiences such as hiking, archery, GPS scavenger hunts, and trail building. They will find empowerment by empowering others through service to their schools, local communities, and their families. They will be able to talk through and discuss any topics that they bring up in a safe and accepting place. They will also have adult community mentors they can turn to as positive role models.

Want to join Girl PowHER?

Afterschool Programs start Monday September 28th!


Please note: Due to COVID-19 regulations all afterschool programs will be registering under PwrHrs Afterschool. This year each PwrHrs Afterschool student will attend one day of gender-specific programming (girls = Girl PowHER, boys = The CLUB), and two days of PwrHrs. Additional gender-specific camps and 5th Day Wednesday Enrichment programs may be available. Please contact for additional information.

2020-21 Girl PowHER Afterschool

Girl PowHER is always 4:00-5:30 PM, unless otherwise noted

Monday – Eagle Valley Middle School
 Transportation not available

Tuesday – Berry Creek Middle School
Transportation available

Tuesday – Homestake Peak School
Transportation available

Thursday – Gypsum Creek Middle School
Transportation available

2020-21 Girl PowHER 5th Day Programming

Girl PowHER Lunch Club: October 21, 2020 – May 2021, Weekly on Wednesdays 11-1pm.

Girls in 8th grade and older will have the opportunity to meet on Wednesdays at The Youth Center in Edwards for a girls’ only lunch club. We will chat over food and yummy snacks and discuss anything that’s on your mind. We will find collaboration and camaraderie together. There will also be volunteer and service opportunities, as well as adventure activities throughout the year.

Contact Katie McClanahan at for further information.

Upcoming Girl PowHER Events

Girl PowHER Film Camp  |  Oct. 12-16, Nov. 23-28, & Dec. 18-22
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YouthPower365 Dinner Club
Dates, times & details TBA

Girl PowHER Programs Include:

Volleyball Camp     Weekday Yoga     PwrHrs Afterschool Programs
Summer Adventure Camp     Homework Help (Group Mentoring)
Yurt Trips     Art Groups     Peer Mentoring
PwrUP for Success Annual Event

“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”  -A.A. Milne

“To all the rebels, and the shy girls, the activists and the poets, the big sisters and the little sisters, the daughters and dreamers. We believe in you.” -Mary Bray Pipher, Sara Pipher Gilliam (Reviving Ophelia)


Girl PowHER is a gender-specific enrichment program that is a part of the Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365, a non-profit educational initiative in Eagle County, Colorado. It was founded in 2010 with the help of Colorado native Amanda Precourt and the Women’s Foundation of Colorado. Girl PowHER focuses on empowering young women with the premise that empowerment is being fulling connected to yourself, and that your confident self is your best self.

Each week girls participate in different meaningful activities led by trained, sensitive and involved instructors, designed to challenge, empower, and encourage the girls socially, academically and physically. These activities may include team building, critical thinking, and problem-solving. There are also many opportunities for adventure enrichments such as camping, snowshoeing, and yurt trips.

The Girl PowHER program is meant to encourage girls to TRY NEW THINGS, to step outside of their comfort zones, begin to figure out where their power comes from and how to create it for and within themselves. An outcome of Girl PowHER is that the girls feel and become strong for themselves.

We also have adults from the community come into our sessions and enrichments as mentors to work with these girls, fostering community engagement and strong adult relationships.

The goal of Girl PowHER is to inspire young women to become the best version of themselves by recognizing their strengths through their passions and identifying areas of personal challenge.

WHY Girl PowHER?

It’s not just school but life experiences that inspire, enrich and support us. The girls of today need love, guidance, deep friendships, respectable limits, and time to figure out life on their own terms. Through Girl PowHER they become empowered by learning to become true to themselves and who they are.

Middle and high school girls often face hard issues and many times they are the recipients of advice and support. This is vitally important and yet…these girls have lots to offer as well. Mentors and instructors work closely with students by helping them realize they can be powerful by giving what they can and sharing their gifts. Facilitators and the program lead work to find and provide opportunities within the community for volunteering and service-learning.

Through the program girls will be able to say: I am confident, I am capable, I take pride in who I am.

As with all YouthPower365 Programs, educational support is a priority in all Girl PowHER programs. In addition to creating physical and emotional well-being, we hope to increase high school graduation rates as well as increase the number of young women seeking higher education in Eagle County.

Girl PowHER, through constant collaboration with local businesses, volunteers, local schools and YouthPower365 staff, is quickly becoming the premier gender-specific program in Eagle County.

Mission & Vision of Girl PowHER

To empower young women to fully connect with themselves mentally, emotionally and physically.

To inspire young women to become the vest version of themselves by recognizing their strengths through their passions and identifying areas of personal challenge.

To promote girls to participate in their schools and communities.

To encourage girls TO TRY NEW THINGS, to step outside of their comfort zones, to begin to figure out where their power comes from, and how to create it for and within themselves.

To create opportunities for girls to feel and become strong for themselves.

Adventure & Outdoor Activity:

    • Physical activity and the importance of moving every day
    • Trying new challenges and explore adventure opportunities

Nutrition & Eating well:

    • Understanding the importance of food and becoming comfortable with food

Positive Mental Mindset & Outlook

    • Having the ability to recognize and identify emotional stressors.
    • Have tools, recognize resources and know what services are available to manage and cope with stressors.
    • Develop knowledge on how to provide self-care and create body positivity.


    • Have resources in place to become academically successful, graduate high school.
    • Have plans to peruse post-secondary education or a career.

Community & Relationships:

    • Have volunteer opportunities to give back to the community.
    • Work on overcoming societal barriers and bridging social groups.
    • Practice self-control, respect and conflict resolution.
    • Work with adults from the community in group mentoring setting to create new, healthy bonds with adults, mentors, community members, family and fellow Girl PowHER members.


Are you interested in supporting and empowering Eagle County students through small group mentoring?

YouthPower365 is currently seeking college graduates, 24 years or older, to encourage local students to develop and achieve academic and career goals.

WHEN & WHERE: Bi-monthly meetings, either in classrooms or at various locations around the county during WednesdayS (5th Day), September 2020 – May 2021

HOW: Mentors will be placed with a specific school and group of kids. They will be provided with curriculum, materials, and guidance from the in-school Girl PowHER Facilator and PwrHrs staff.

REQUIREMENTS: Must pass a background check


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